29 July 2007

Generous Journal part ... something!

OK I've lost track of the 'parts' but on the plus side I've been pretty darn generous this week! Especially today when I participated in the Race for Life to raise money for Cancer Research UK (will post on that sometime this week) and donated three bags of stuff at the donation station - including a fair chunk of my 'Friends' video collection! Boohoo!

Other generous things I've done this week:
Bought fruit and vegetables from a local greengrocers
Started looking into ethical banking (or at least more ethical than my current bank!!)
Signed a petition to start charging tax on plastic bags - it's reduced use in Ireland by 90%
Bought a jigsaw from Oxfam - although I did also take a carrier bag from the over-eager shop assistant!!

Right, must keep this up for the next week ...

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