15 July 2007

Generous Journal part seven

Victory on the bag front! Armed with my lovely flowery Next bag, I have confused shop assistants in Next (yes I am obsessed with that shop) and Boots this week by insisting they put my purchases in it. The girl in the Next shop actually asked if I wanted a carrier bag to put my bag in!?! I think she was very confused, bless her ...

Well, with 'Stop Taking Carrier Bags from Shops' on it's way to achievement, I've changed it's status from 'Currently focussing on' to 'still doing.' This means I can focus on another activity ... what shall it be? My two 'lapsed' actions are 'Perfect your Pasta' which I can't really focus on as I don't do the cooking (although hubby assures me that when he's not in a rush to get tea ready he does switch off the hob to let the pasta cook itself) and 'Get someone to join the Generous community.' Well, I managed to persuade hubby but that doesn't really count. If I can get just one more member then that would be good. So I've switched that to 'currently focussing on' and the pasta one to 'still doing' (even though technically hubby is doing that, not me). Now how to get a new recruit ...?

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