01 July 2007

Generous Journal part five

I'm not doing very well on this ... the carrier bag boycott is proving more difficult than it sounds. I tried to find a decent sized tote bag to fold up and stick in my handbag when I go shopping but to no avail. What's worse, we went shopping yesterday and forgot our big canvas carrier, so had to take four carrier bags! Not very generous ... bag-finding efforts to be renewed this week.

Another matter foiling my generous efforts this week is the flipping weather. Today was supposed to be Race for Life day and I've raised loads of sponsorship money ... but because of the flooding earlier in the week and the forecast bad weather this weekend (which judging from my view from the living room window wasn't quite true) the race has been postponed to 29th July. This equally foils my plans to donate two bags full of books and clothes in the donation bins at the racetrack. I'm now not sure whether to hold onto these till the end of the month or to just find another charity shop.

Another matter of shame, linked to Race for Life ... I bought some rather hideous jogging bottoms from Asda yesterday, mainly because they were pink and white which was the 'colour scheme' of preference among my colleagues who are racing with me. However I've just been reading a report on Clean Up Fashion to say that Asda are among the worst clothing retailers for protecting their workers in other countries, particularly Bangladesh. I've not removed the tags from the said hideous item and will be returning them.

I think everyone should look at the Clean Up Fashion website to make an informed decision on where to shop - I am no longer going to shop for clothes in Primark, Asda, Tesco, Matalan or the Arcadia stores ever again having read this. So I am planning a bit of generosity by omission ... hmm, maybe a bit of active generosity is called for!!

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SHOEGAL said...

This is what you want - http://www.checkoutmybag.co.uk/
Totes and shoppers, just £3.99 each and there's even a picture of how small they fold up!
Otherwise there's some cute ones here http://www.modcloth.com/store/Womens/Accessories/Bags+and+Wallets
I like the rainy day one, very appropriate for the UK right now and $14.99 which is about £7.50.