22 July 2007

Generous Journal part eight

Great news! Having requested a green bin back in April, it's finally arrived! (How ironic, some councils are charging to collect and reducing collection to encourage recycling, ours won't even give you the means to!) Anyway, now we can finally recycle again, hurrah!

In other generous news ... my attempts to have a generous day yesterday were, I believed, sabotaged by the hubby! We went to Otley, a nearby town with a good market and plenty of independent shops (in Guiseley there's not a great selection on account of the massive Morrison's in the centre of the town) and charity shops. We got veg from a greengrocers, fruit from a market stall because it looked nicer than the stuff in the greengrocers, and I got a belt, a cardigan and some work trousers from various charity shops.

BUT ... I'd managed to persuade hubby to go to an independent bookshop and pay out a bit more for his Harry Potter, but when we got there they were sold out. Not his fault, you say? Well, after other happenings, I'm suspicious. For instance while he went to the bucthers to get some bacon he asked me to go to Ainsley's to get bread. I was a bit confused but assumed there were no independent bakers around. Actually there are a few. As we walked on he suddenly said 'I suppose Ainsley's is a chain really.' Well, yeah!! Then, as I was buying my belt from Oxfam, hubby prodded me and pointed out some cheap knitting needles which I couldn't buy anyway as I don't know what sizes I need, and when I turned back the lady had put my belt in ... A PLASTIC BAG!!! NOOOOO! AND he bought Harry Potter from Morrisons for less than a fiver. Not happy.

My efforts to get someone to join Generous aren't going well, maybe because I'm rather shy of mentioning it ... I don't want to seem pushy or militant about it! Humph, must find a way of promoting the site without people thinking I'm scary ...

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