08 July 2007

Generous Journal part Six

I have victory! After trying to find a cheap bag that isn't from an evil shop (to find out which shops are evil, take a look at the Clean Up Fashion link on this blog) I gave up and went for a pricier option. It's from Next (my fave shop and quite ethical) and cost £8:

It's the bigger bag at the back. BUT two days later I was flicking through an old copy of Look magazine that my friend Fi (Shoegal) donated to me and discovered that accessorize are doing an even bigger and more ethical canvas shopper bag - at £5!! Unfortunately I can't find a picture to put on the blog, but I'm very annoyed at paying over the odds for the bag I did get! Oh well, I may just have to buy another bag, what a shame ... Anyway, the bag I did buy came in handy when yet again we forgot the big canvas bags we supposedly use when going to the supermarket, although we did take about three more carrier bags as a result of our forgetfulness.

On other generous news, I've signed up for another action - Put a Save-a-Flush device in your cistern - which will reduce the water used when we flush the loo. We've ordered said device from Yorkshire Water for free, and apparently lots of other water companies offer similar freebies, so if you're reading this, look into getting one yourself!! It's just a brick-type thing, nothing scary!

I also supported a loval library this week, well - I tried. Went to the local library on Saturday to get an exercise book only to find it shuts early on Saturdays. But hubby kindly got me some books from another library, so we supported one anyway!

So, pretty darn generous. I should keep this up!

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