22 February 2009

Songs in My Head - Sunday 22nd February

'Islands in the Stream' - the Comic Relief version (it was on TV last night)

'Flashdance' (was also on TV last night on the same show - 'Let's Dance for Comic Relief' - which was far more entertaining than I expected)

'Ghetto Superstar' (that song from years ago which borrowed the tune of 'Islands in the Stream', so not that random a song)

Stash Wars: The beginning of the end?

Well I got my doll assembled quicker than expected:

Isn't she cute? I altered the pattern a bit from what the magazine said, using cream instead of pink on her clothes, giving her black shoes and a funkier black hairstyle, leaving out some felt embellishments and a little yarn bag that, frankly, I didn't have the patience to make, and sewing her eyes on with black yarn instead of buying craft eyes. I also added the flower in her hair myself, using a bit of a pattern from 'Stitch'n'Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker' by Debbie Stoller. After making her I decided her name was Susie (although I'm sure that the future daughter she's intended for may change that!)

Here's what my stash now looks like:

Much more manageable. I've been told that my church may be having a tabletop sale to raise funds for refurbishment in May so I'm thinking of making some little trinkets to sell there, maybe some flower pins with the bright pink yarn, cupcakes with the beige and pastels, and possibly something clever and inventive with the blue ribbon, black mohair and leftover remnant of Blueface Leicester. That should reduce it a bit more.

But this isn't actually my entire stash - Mum told me that this week my new edition of 'Let's Knit' arrived, along with two balls of yarn. Yay, free stuff! I've no idea what it's like so I'll have to wait until I se Mum in a few weeks, but I'm sure the magazine will have patterns for it if I'm stuck for ideas.

20 February 2009

Songs in my Head over the past few days

'Two Ladies' from 'Cabaret'

'Bag It Up' by Geri Halliwell (deeply distressing)

That new U2 song (is it 'Get on your Boots'? It sounds way too much like Muse whatever it is)

That ' like a wink and a smile' song I had in my head the other day

'Gives You Hell' by All American Rejects

That song from 'Slumdog Millionaire' would I think I should hate but I actually love - don't know what it's called, it goes 'All I wanna do is ... and a ... and take your money.'

New scarf and new dolly!

Well, I've been getting busy with my every-reducing stash recently! First I used the last of the gorgeous Bluefaced Leicester to make a funky scarf:

The pattern is from 'Let's Knit', a frankly brilliant magazine that my Mum gets for me and it's actually designed to go with the beret I made a while back and sadly lost somewhere between home and work one morning. The pattern had to be adapted as I didn't have enough to make it as wide as it should be, so this is a half-width version but I think it still looks good. I love the zig-zaggy pattern, created by short row shaping, and think it really sets off the beautiful yarn. I really recommend Bluefaced Leicester, I'm really sensitive to wool but wear this scarf load now and it rarely itches. And it's British!!

My current project which is nearing completion is from the same issue of 'Let's Knit':

It's an amigurumi doll, which is a Japanese crochet craze for making little creatures or people. I think this is probably bigger than your usual amigurumi piece but never mind. I just need to sew her together and then I have a brand new dolly - I just need to name her!!

I'm not sure what to do next, I'll post up a picture of my remaining stash after I've finished dolly.

17 February 2009

Measuring Up

I said at the start of the year that I'd do more blogging about my interests, acting being one of them. I actually did my degree in Theatre and Performance Studies, but moving to a new city made me shy about getting involved in amateur companies as I didn't know anybody. So last year I took the plunge and joined a local group and in December I acted for the first time in over four years. I'd forgotten how much I loved it, and now that I'm not acting with a view to making a career out of it (gave up on that when I realised I like routine way too much) I can appreciate being part of a play so much more.

We've just started work on 'Measure for Measure' - a brilliant Shakespeare play, one of his later 'problem' plays all about politics, morality and power. I studied it for my A-level in English Literature and loved it then, and the years haven't diminished my fascination. I've always loved Shakespeare and have wanted to be in one of his plays since I was 14 - so you could say I'm fulfilling a life ambition!

We found out the casting on Friday and I have the part of Mariana. She's a very interesting character, kind of a recluse after being ditched by her fiance five years before the play, yet she's still in love with him (and frankly, he's a nasty piece of work). I'm going to have to think hard to understand her, but hopefully I'll figure her out and will be able to do her justice. After all, a character who had a poem written for her by Tennyson has to be more interesting than she seems. She's not a huge part, but I'm hoping that'll free up my time so I can help out with production, I've never done any of that and really want to learn.

I'll keep putting updates on about how it's all going, so watch this space!

Songs in My Head - Tues 17th Feb

'Mein Herr' from 'Cabaret' (watched it for the first time at the weekend, what a film!)

That one that's on 'Sleepless in Seattle' and goes 'We go together, like a wink and a smile'

'1, 2, 3, Shake your Body Down' - don't know who by or if that's the right name

12 February 2009

Sorry ...

... for my lack of posting. I was busy last week and I've been ill since Saturday so haven't felt up to blogging. Besides, having spent most of this week laid either in bed or on my sofa, I don't have much to say.

But - once I'm fully better and over the mountain of work I'm bound to face back at the office, expect piccies of a scarf I recently finished, perhaps some progress shots of my first attempt at amigurumi (crocheted toys, a Japanese style) and, of course, more songs in my head! 

02 February 2009

Songs in my Head - Monday 2nd Feb

'Let it Rock' - can't remember the full name, something Rudolph?

'It's my Time' - the shockingly bad Eurovision song

'My Baby just Cares for Me' - Nina Simone (more of that please!)