17 February 2009

Measuring Up

I said at the start of the year that I'd do more blogging about my interests, acting being one of them. I actually did my degree in Theatre and Performance Studies, but moving to a new city made me shy about getting involved in amateur companies as I didn't know anybody. So last year I took the plunge and joined a local group and in December I acted for the first time in over four years. I'd forgotten how much I loved it, and now that I'm not acting with a view to making a career out of it (gave up on that when I realised I like routine way too much) I can appreciate being part of a play so much more.

We've just started work on 'Measure for Measure' - a brilliant Shakespeare play, one of his later 'problem' plays all about politics, morality and power. I studied it for my A-level in English Literature and loved it then, and the years haven't diminished my fascination. I've always loved Shakespeare and have wanted to be in one of his plays since I was 14 - so you could say I'm fulfilling a life ambition!

We found out the casting on Friday and I have the part of Mariana. She's a very interesting character, kind of a recluse after being ditched by her fiance five years before the play, yet she's still in love with him (and frankly, he's a nasty piece of work). I'm going to have to think hard to understand her, but hopefully I'll figure her out and will be able to do her justice. After all, a character who had a poem written for her by Tennyson has to be more interesting than she seems. She's not a huge part, but I'm hoping that'll free up my time so I can help out with production, I've never done any of that and really want to learn.

I'll keep putting updates on about how it's all going, so watch this space!

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