17 February 2009

Songs in My Head - Tues 17th Feb

'Mein Herr' from 'Cabaret' (watched it for the first time at the weekend, what a film!)

That one that's on 'Sleepless in Seattle' and goes 'We go together, like a wink and a smile'

'1, 2, 3, Shake your Body Down' - don't know who by or if that's the right name


SHOEGAL said...

Are you feeling better this week?

Songs in my head:
Your Disco Needs You by Kylie
Elton John's Look Ma, No Hands

Bec said...

Feeling much better thanks, still coughing a lot and a little bit hoarse but almost over it. I don't know either of your songs!

SHOEGAL said...

Look up the Kylie one on You Tube, it's fab!