31 December 2005

Oh, and PS ...


May everyone who reads this have a happy new year, with much joy and blessings.


Knit happens ...

Well, some of you will know that I started learning to knit this summer, once my exams were out of the way. Since then I have knitted two scarves - one with garter stitch, the other one much funkier with garter, stocking and reverse stocking stitch, and tassels!

I'm now very excited because for Christmas my Mum bought me two knitting manuals - 'How to Knit' by Debbie Bliss, which is very informative and clear, and 'Stitch 'n' Bitch', which is not so clear but has better projects. So here are all the things I want to have made by this time next year:

Mittens (I have some leftover wool from the funky scarf, which I gave to Mum, so I'll be making her matching mittens)
A bag
A sweater
A blanket
A kerchief (to put in my hair)
A hat
A hot water bottle cover

Over the last few days I've learnt how to increase, decrease, cast on extra stitches mid-piece and bind off some stitches mid-piece too, make buttonholes (although that needs practise!) and how to do single rib, double rib and moss stitch.

I'll try to keep my progress posted on here, with pics of my projects. Maybe I'll inspire somebody else to knit! (Soosh, if you read this, go on, you know you want to!!)