25 September 2005

Our house, in the middle of our street …

Well, no photos as yet because my camera’s playing up a bit, but just so you all know what sort of place I’m living in these days, I’m going to give you a description of the house I’m living in for the next 9 and a bit months.

It’s a little back-to-back terrace, near the end of a row of other little terraces, in the nice end of Beeston. There’s a chippy nearby, and a cheap hairdressers, and plenty of fast food places, so I’m happy. It’s also very near a huge park, so if there’s any more sun while I’m living here I’ll have to explore it.

Our front garden is currently a little messy. It’s very small, mainly paved, with the unfortunate reminder that the former owner had rabbits to one side. Climb up a few steps and come through the front door (which I’ve just about got the knack of locking) and you’ll find yourself in a very pretty living room, in a pale green and cream décor, currently furnished with a two-seater cream sofa and a rocking chair. We’ll be getting another sofa soon, as the current sofa is really only big enough for one and a half people, so if Chris visits someone invariably has to sit on the floor. Anyway, on with the tour. To the left of the front door is the doorway into what I’ve labelled the ‘oojamaflip’ room – quite small, currently used as a storage room but will eventually become an office. Go through this room and down some stairs and you’ll get to the spacious kitchen, with a mahoosive oven that makes me feel bad for only ever cooking pasta and sauce. The kitchen still needs some work, but is in a pretty good state.

Back up, through the living room and up some more stairs, and you’re faced with a choice of three doors. Take the one in front of you and you’ll find Emma’s room, still a work in progress but she has a lovely bedspread. Take the one to your right and you’ll be in the bathroom – the less said about that the better. The other door will lead you to yet more stairs, at the top of which is my room. Spare a thought for my tortured legs. Simply decorated in white paint, with a cream double bed (currently with lilac linen but that will change). Bauble fairy lights are hung around the room, which makes me feel like a six-year-old. A spare mattress is set up to one side for Chris, although the mattress isn’t great so I’ll have to inflate the trusty airbed someday. Other work to be done is the need to hang the beautiful mirror Chris bought me as a housewarming present, and to get rid of the broken TV which the former owner kindly left for us (along with a wide array of other crap, apparently).

So that’s where I’m living for now. If you want to visit, let me know, I’d be very grateful to see some friendly faces. Think of it as a leg-toning weekend!

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