17 September 2005

Things that annoy me about jobhunting ...

1. Application forms that tell you to refer to the employee specification when you haven't been sent one.
2. 'Please send an SAE' - please let me save my money, not pay out for three envelopes and first class stamps!
3. People who don't even call to let you know you were unsuccessful. Manners cost nothing.
4. People who invite you for an immediate interview then treat you rudely because you're not the 'ideal candidate'. If you're that picky, why didn't you give me a form to fill in first??!
5. The ArtsJobs mailing list - useful at times, but why don't the people mailing out vacancies state where it is? The amount of times I've worked it out from telephone area codes ...
6. Not getting anything through, so making other plans, then getting a call from your recruitment agency saying 'There's a full-time job starting tomorrow ...'
7. Five words. "So what do you do?" Well, I watch This Morning then Neighbours, then stare into space until my housemate gets back from work.
8. The fact that you have to wear a suit to interview. When you're unemployed you don't want to spend money on clothes you'll only ever wear for interviews!
9. Buying the local paper to discover there are barely any good jobs and you've just wasted 35p.
10. As above, but swap the local paper with the Big Issue, and swap 35p with £1.20.
11. Feeling guilty for buying sweets. Or cheese. Or peanut butter.

Any other suggestions, post a comment!!

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