01 June 2007

Like a Phoenix from the flames ...

I've decided to reclaim my blog! It's over a year since I posted and I now need a freaky Google account but hey, thought I'd drag it all up again!

Why, I hear you ask? (You being the people who, hopefully, read this, although I doubt many of you will!) Well, for the following reasons:

1. The recent discovery that my friend Fi has a blog (www.shoegalfi.blogspot.com) which reminded me that it was quite fun

2. The fact that I've just finished the two Bridget Jones books and find myself thinking in diary style, and what is a blog if not a type of diary?

3. I get flipping bored in my lunch hours because there's only so many times you can wander round Next, so I spend most lunch hours inside.

So, here it is! A new start! Now, I'd better check my profile is up to date, last time I posted I was unmarried and living in Beeston, now am married and have lived at two different addresses since then!

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