10 June 2007

Generous Journal - Second entry

Well, I said I'd keep a journal of my progress with the Generous website, so here's my second instalment. Not much to report on this week, although I've started a new action - keeping a generous journal! Haha, I'd forgotten that action was on the website! I also successfully turned down carrier bags at Boots and Morrisons, opting for, in the former case, a spare carrier bag I had in my hand bag, and in the latter, two sturdy canvas bags which are far better for carrying food in anyway as they won't split and you can get loads more in. I'm also still using mugs to measure out the water I need to put in the kettle - boils so much quicker that way!

A couple of things not on the website that ought to be:
- Buying 'The Big Issue'. I did that yesterday from a nice vendor in Ilkley and there were some very interesting articles about climate change, which everyone (including me) is obsessed with at the moment.
- Shopping at charity shops. As you will see on my first journal entry, the wesbsite does have an action for donating goods to charity shops, which is all very well and good but these things need to be bought in order for the shop to make money for their charity. Whilst in Ilkley yesterday I raided the charity shops and loved it - I got a Next t-shirt with a Mickey Mouse motif for £2.99, a jigsaw for £1.19, a Bill Bryson book for the hubby for £1.49 and - my favourite find - two lovely sleeveless t-shirts with silk trim for £1.25 each!! And they were new, donated from a clothes shop! I may post pictures of my finds to show just what you can get from a charity shop if you're persistent in looking!

So, a reasonably generous week. Let's see how I do next week ...!

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shoegal said...

Oo, oo, definitely post pictures! We need to see your lovely finds!