25 June 2007

Generous Journal part four

Oh dear, another vey ungenerous week! I keep forgetting to come out with carrier bags when I want to go shopping in my lunch hour, not good. Managed to acquire a WHSmiths and a Debenhams bag this week (the Debenhams bag is partly hubby's fault, we were shopping together). I also didn't give to or buy from any charity shops or buy a Big Issue. I'm sinking into a deep pit of wickedness and selfishness, deary me!

But this week I'm going to be good. If it'll stop raining I'll go out in my lunch and buy a tote bag to keep in my handbag for shopping, and I'm also doing Race for Life which is raising money for Cancer Research. But I've just realised I won't have much to write next week if I write everything now so I'll stop. There we are.

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