26 June 2008

200 word review: 'Little Women' by Louisa May Alcott

I first read ‘Little Women’ when I was about 12, but over the years I’d forgotten a lot of the story so thought I’d revisit it for old times sake. Reading it as an adult (if I can describe myself as that) I didn’t find it as enthralling as I had when I was younger. Perhaps I had a more objective view, as the characters were no longer a similar age to me, but the moralising tone seemed more prevalent than I remember. It feels more like a series of connected cautionary tales than a story, although much of its charm is in its apparent disjointedness. It doesn’t have the strong plot I usually look for in a novel, but I still got involved in the trials and tribulations of the four March girls, albeit not as much as I did as a teenager. I’m pretty sure I vowed to follow their example and become patient, humble and industrious myself. It probably lasted a week!

For a little reminder of childhood, this is a good book to revisit. And whilst it seems very patronising to an adult, I still believe that it is an essential book for any ‘little woman.’

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