05 April 2008

More trials of cat ownership

Remember in my last post about the cats having their teeth out I mentioned Freddie had a bit of a cough? Well it turns out my worries weren't unfounded. After the operation, Freddie went off his food, became much less active and started breathing heavily. When we took him for a check-up on his teeth a few days later, the vet noticed his breathing, took him in for an X-ray and found fluid on his lungs. Having drained it off it became clear that Freddie has heart failure. He went on tablets for a week, but it seems these didn't do much and the fluid reappeared. So now he's on stronger tablets and diuretics, but he's still not too good and whatever happens he'll never be the same cat again.

It's come as a huge shock. We've only had the cats for two months and already it looks like we might lose one. I couldn't believe just how much we'd become attached to him, we're so upset about it and can't bear to see him in discomfort. I suppose that's the risk you run with rescue cats, it's not something that would have been picked up had he been through a proper rescue agency, it's just bad luck. But at least now we can give him a loving home for however long he's with us.

I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping the tablets take this time, if they do we could have him for years to come, if not it'll be weeks. However long we have him though, we'll love him and care for him as much as we can.

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