21 April 2008

The Great Escape

So ... I handed in my notice last week. Even though I have no job as such to go to.

Some would say this was a foolhardy action. After all, I have a mortgage and a cat and other grown-up responsibilities, I should be in a stable job earning stable money. And this is why I stayed in my job for two years. But there comes a time when you have to say enough is enough.

The bottom line is, my job doesn't make me happy. In fact it makes me actively unhappy. If I stay in it because of my mortgage, cat and other grown up stuff, that would mean I'm unhappy because of all those things. I should enjoy owning my own home but instead I've regarded it as a millstone round my neck, keeping me stuck in a horrible job, ever since we bought it. That's just silly. Why spend more money than you've ever spent before on something that makes you miserable?

So I quit. I decided I deserve to be happier than I am, to enjoy being 24, married and a home owner. If I have to temp for a while so be it - I might even enjoy it, you never know! And doing this has made me realise that nothing needs to control my life other than me. There's no point waiting for a 'Get Out of Jail Free' card to fall in your lap if all it takes is a calculated risk. I've taken a risk, and it means I can escape. And I will, on May 12th.

Wonder what will happen on May 13th??!

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SHOEGAL said...

Temping might even land you a permanent job, and you'll know if you like the office before you accept it. Good luck!