28 October 2007

Generous Journal: Generous stuff I've done in the last fortnight

  • Bought 'The Big Issue In The North'
  • Bought from a charity shop - a black long-sleeved top for work
  • Avoided using carrier bags in a two-hour shopping stint yesterday (much to the annoyance of some shop assistants) and in the weekly shop today
  • Bought an organic cotton hoodie from Next - hopefully if enough peple choose to buy from that range they'll expand it
  • Bagged up an old mobile phone for donation - alas, haven't got round to positing it off yet ...
  • Started a new charity collection bag (currently containing 'Don Quixote' and a pair of shoes that I've accepted are un-wear-in-able)
Hmm, I kind of feel like a lot of the 'generous' things I do are a bit middle-class and money-orientated, can't help but feel like I could do more and I'm getting complacent. Could do with some inspiration really ... if anyone reads this and has such inspiration, feel free to comment, I like to be challenged!

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