05 August 2005

If you're sick of jobhunting clap your hands *clap clap*

If I were to count up the number of job applications I've filled out, they probably wouldn't amount too that much. I think they're in the region of 10-15 at the moment. But it feels as though I've been jobhunting forever. It's not just the applications themselves, it's the trawling through e-mails, websites and newspapers in the desperate hope of finding a job worth applying for. It's the dreaded question 'so what are your plans now?' It's facing up to the fact that I won't be getting the perfect job for a while yet.

The thing is, I know I'm never going to get the perfect job. I started uni wanting to be an actor. I would probably have still pursued that had I not met Chris and realised that, if was going to be with him, I'd need to have a more stable job. So I compromised, and eventually decided that drama work with young people is probably the better option. But now I've left uni I've discovered that, actually, even that is too hard to get into. So I'm compromising on a compromise - I'm looking for anything relating to drama, education or young people. Recently I've applied for admin jobs at a college and a Young Offenders Institute, a learning support assistant job at a high school, even a visitor assistant at Kirkstall Abbey because it's vaguely related to the arts. None of which are exactly what I want to do, but they're jobs at the end of the day.

I'm fed up especially today because I got an application pack through for an admin assistant for a youth theatre company - as close to perfect as I'm likely to get, so what's the problem? They want 1 years office experience. AAAARGH!

Any employers who happen to read this, take heed - graduates, by nature, have little to no experience. How are we meant to get that experience when you all ask for experience?? Have pity on us, we've run up debts of £10,000 only to discover that we can't get jobs as we should've spent the last three years working.

I'm tempted to set up my own theatre company. If I do, I will insist on having plenty of graduates in it. We may be lacking in experience, but we make up for it in enthusiasm and drive, I promise!

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