03 May 2009

200 word review: 'Friends Like These' by Danny Wallace

This is a big hug of a book. I love Danny Wallace’s work, because it’s so honest and personal you really feel like you know him. Plus his adventures are so weird and wonderful that you want to join in.

‘Friends Like These’ follows Danny’s latest ‘stupid boy project’ as he tries to meet twelve friends from his childhood. Sounds simple enough? Not when those friends include a Fijian chief, a Japanese doctor, a German rapper and a journalist living in America. Danny travels the world to see these people in an attempt to deal with the prospect of turning thirty, but discovers much deeper meanings along the way. The book is witty, touching and, in places, movingly profound. It made me think of the names on my Facebook ‘friends’ list, and how many of them I would count as true friends, how many I could go for a drink with after years apart. Maybe we should all start our own ‘Face-to-facebook’ just like Danny.

The book is a reminder of what friendship really means – not messages and comments exchanged through cyberspace, but a connection that doesn’t fade with time. And it features a ninja. What more could you want?


M.J.Y said...

Due to the image on this topic, I stumbled across your blog, i then later realised that it was the wrong Danny Wallace cover I was after for my blog (i was after join me) but had read them straight after each other.
I agree about D.W's books, they are great - Join Me, has also led to a 'silly boy idea' of my own (check my blog: doweneedanotherhero.blogspot).
I've had a quick read of your blogs and see that you like books - have you read anything by Mike Gayle? I'd recommend him

Bec said...

Thanks for your comment MJY, I had a look at your blog and your 'silly boy idea' sounds brilliant! I think a lot of people would want to do something random and exciting like Danny Wallace/Dave Gorman, unfortunately they get paid for it, and most people couldn't get away with it ...