24 November 2008

This Week I will mostly be ...

... reading 'Jane Eyre'
... watching 'Pride and Prejudice' (the recent film version)
... knitting the sleeve still
... busy rehearsing
... nursing Chris (I've given him the very nasty stomach bug I had last week)
... hopefully getting more Christmas shopping done


SHOEGAL said...

Hope Chris feels better soon! And I hope you have a less manic week than of late.
Thanks for doing the shoebox knitting, more will be welcomed next year should the mood take you!

Bec said...

No hope of a quieter week until I've finished my play, it's on 11th-13th December at Otley Courthouse if you fancy it, we're doing 'Canterbury Tales'. Tickets can be bought through the Courthouse.

No worries about the knitting, hopefully next week I'll have time to do something more adventurous than scarves!

Bec said...

Oops, mean next year!!