09 October 2008

Another link

I was just having a browse on Recycle This when I came across a post about refashioning clothes - and it referenced a blog by a woman called Amy Quarry. This is my kinda blog - craftiness and a love of green-ness combined. So I've added it to my ever-growing list of quite interesting websites so I don't forget her. And if you're interested, you have a look too!


Louisa said...

Hi Bec,

Louisa from Recycle This here. Just saw your links back to us and wanted to say thanks for those. Amy's stuff is awesome, isn't it?

Also, as a 20-something, loved-up, cat-owning, non-native (but now-native) dweller of Leeds, who is a knitter, a reader and currently learning to drive, I thought I'd say 'hello' and ask if we are in fact clones. :)

-louisa :)

Bec said...

Hi Louisa, how spooky, maybe we were separated at birth! I love Amy's blog, but not as much as Recycle This, congrats on a great blog!