08 September 2008

This Week I will mostly be ...

... reading 'Great Expectations'
... finishing the beret and going back to the cardigan
... watching 'The Terminal' (didn't get round to it last week)
... getting over the horrible cold I got after getting soaked on Friday
... officially a permanent member of staff at LMU!


SHOEGAL said...

Hey there, hope you're feeling better.

If you want to use up some more of your wool stash & be generous at the same time, my mum is looking for knitted hats, scarves & mittens suitable for children to go in the Christmas shoe boxes.

Bec said...

Ooh when does she need them by? Could do some hats and scarves, not sure about mittens though! x

SHOEGAL said...

Hats and scarves will be fab! I think she said mid October but I'm not sure. I'll check.