16 May 2008

Generous Journal - update

Well, I've been generally rubbish at blogging recently, but particularly regarding my Generous Journal. So here's a little update on how I'm getting on:

* Thanks to one of my neighbours in our block of flats we now have a compost bin in the garden, so I'm working hard to reduce the amount of leftovers and kitchen scraps we throw away (hubby not doing so well, keeps having to fish teabags out of the bin having forgotten they can go in the compost pot!) As a result, I can now sign up to the 'Compost Your Leftovers' action on Generous
* Undeterred by the lack of garden space, we are growing our own veg! We've got onions in planters outside, little baby chilli plants in the kitchen and a tub of salad leaves on our landing. Also, in conjunction with our neighbour, we have planted out some potatoes - but perhaps not at the right time of year ...
* As a bit of a crafty challenge and a statement on the wasteful use of plastic carriers, I am knitting a bag out of cut-up plastic bags! This has taken me since December and I'm only just getting close to finishing, I'll post the end result when I get there!
* I'm doing Race for Life again this weekend, although I've not raised as much as last year, couldn't set up a website because I was registered by Mum's friend who forgot I was married so registered me under the wrong name! While I'm there I'm also donating some clothes so they can sell them on and get a bit more cash out of me. Two items of clothing are in fact from charity shops themselves, but alas I can no longer fit my voluminous bottom into them so I'll give them a home with someone who can resist their desire for cake!
* As well as giving old clothes to charity, I'm putting something that's too battered to pass on to good use. It's a cotton knitted sweater I bought as a student but the polo neck ripped along the seam, so I'm in the process of frogging it to re-use the yarn. Clever eh? May post a bit more about that later on too.
* We're making a more conscious effort to buy local produce when shopping, although it's not easy. I know not everything is in season over here, but really is there any need for apples to be brought over from Chile? I don't think so! We're trying to buy British (or at least European) produce where we can.

I'm really pleased also that some people have noticed that I'm trying to live more ethically. A friend of mine said the other day that she's trying not to shop at Primark any more since I mentioned their use of sweatshops, and when I left work I was given a box of Fairtrade chocolates wrapped in recycled, handmade paper! So either I'm a big hippie-bore or I'm inspiring people - hope it's the latter!

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SHOEGAL said...

1. There is NOTHING voluminous about your bottom.

2. Hope the race for life went well.

3. Can't wait to see the finished knitted carrier bags!