17 February 2008

Generous Journal: Freddie and Millie

Those of you who have read a few of my blogs will know I'm a fan of second hand items. So when we decided to get a cat (read 'when I managed to persuade hubby to get a cat') it made sense we'd get one second-hand too. In fact, we got two!

Freddie is the ginger one, and Millie the brown tabby. That's me in the middle - sorry about the slovenly appearance, the robe is to try and protect my work clothes from fur!

I'm a strong supporter of pet rescue organisations, having persuaded my Mum to go to a dog shelter after the death of our first dog, Buster. As a result we got Jake, a bouncy, bonkers 5-year old cavalier king charles spaniel (mainly, although he was a mongrel). He was a very sweet dog and hadn't had the best of lives before we got him so it was very rewarding giving him the home and love he needed. So I decided we'd get our cat from a rescue centre too. Only it didn't quite work out like that.

We approached a few organisations, but because we live on a main road and wanted an indoor cat, we weren't having much joy. In the end, we heard about Freddie and Millie through Wharfe Valley Cats Protection, who had been in touch with a cattery who were looking after them because their owner had gone into a home. We went to see them and, despite having previously wanted one younger cat, fell in love with these two eight-year-olds! Unfortunately because they weren't officially rescue cats they hadn't had any vetinary treatment, and it turns out they need a lot of dental work which is going to put us out of pocket, but we still love them!

I really recommend getting a rescue pet. They're often very grateful for their new home and very loving as a result, and you can make a huge difference to their lives. You can even resue rabbits and guinea pigs at some places nowadays! If you're thinking of getting a rescue cat, I recommend the website www.catchat.org which will show you your local rescue organisations. If they're officially rescue cats they cost arounf £70-90, but considering we're going to end up spending nearly £400 on vets bills which would have been avoided if they had been taken in by a rescue centre, it's not that much.

Got to go, I have some very loving old cats to play with!

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