01 January 2008

200 word review: 'Thank God it's Monday' by Mark Greene

‘Thank God it’s Monday’ is a Christian book and bears the subtitle ‘Ministry in the workplace’ which made me panic– I thought I’d be told to hand out tracts in the office. But while evangelism is discussed, Mark Greene mostly deals with your faith should affect your working life. After all, many Christians spend most of their waking lives at their workplace, and wherever we are, God’s there too.

Much of the book made uncomfortable reading, because Greene challenges the view of work that I, and most of my peers, hold – that work is an inconvenience and bosses are to be moaned about. Greene reminds us that God put us in that job for a reason, He chose our bosses, and we should work as if He is our boss. However, I think it’s a shame Greene doesn’t deal more with situations where people hate their jobs and feel stuck – much of his discussion is based on his apparently rewarding work in advertising. A few pointers for people who are not fulfilled by their job might have been helpful. However, it has really challenged my views and hopefully will make me a better example of a Christian to my workmates.

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