06 August 2007

Generous Journal 30/7/07 - 05/8/07

Not been particularly generous this week (other than avoiding carrier bags and recycling as usual) so I thought for this journal entry I'd reflect on the good things I already do without thinking about it. Let's see ...
- I drink only Fairtrade tea and eat only Fairtrade bananas. I'm also a huge fan of Divine and Green and Blacks chocolate
- I support public transport by taking the train to work
- I don't drive! While I know it's often necessary, cars do cause a lot of pollution so I decided it was best not to start driving until I really need to. It's a choice of ethics, not laziness, honest!
- I avoid holidays abroad. OK I went to Kefalonia last year, but that was my honeymoon! Planes = carbon emissions, so taking holidays in Britain is the greener option
- My husband and I give money to charity monthly
- I volunteer as a youth worker. I think this is very important as it gives the young people who come to our club on a Friday night a safe, dry, fairly warm place to meet up, so they're not out on the street worrying residents and putting themselves at risk
- I don't leave my phone charger plugged in when not in use. I do however overcharge my phone, need to work on that ...

So I was pretty generous already.But I always want to do better and be better, so hopefully I'll gradually add more habits to the list.

No journal next week as I'm off to Wales (see? No flights there!)

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