08 July 2005

Sending my prayers to London

I'm still trying to get my head round what happened in London yesterday. Thankfully I didn't hear anything about it until I rang mum at work and she immediately said 'Phillip's OK.' (Phillip is my big brother, he works in the city). So I knew straight off that he was fine. Didn't think much to it (knew there was a bombing in London, but they seem to get bomb scares all the time) until I got an e-mail from a friend who works in the city saying 'I'm fine, I didn't go into work this morning.' Then I saw a message about it posted on the chat room I was browsing and it dawned on me that this wasn't a minor incident. Switched on the TV in time to see a an being taken out of an ambulance on a stretcher, being given CPR. It was a moment before I realised what I was watching - a man on the brink of death.

I'm still waiting on e-mails from friends in London to say they're OK, I doubt any of them were involved but I worry about these things. There's nothing else I can do after all. I spent a lot of yesterday praying, I know one day good will overcome evil but I really hope that we get a glimpse of that final victory in this situation.

If any Londoners read this, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Don't let the bad men win.

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