30 June 2005


Oh no I've succumbed to the world of Blogs!! See, I always try to resist pressure, but never succeed. Although I still haven't seen a Star Wars film all the way through, get me!

OK, what shall I put? Hmmmm ... well, I'm in the beautiful village of Reepham, near Lincoln, right now, just left university (sob sob) and waiting until I have somewhere to live in Leeds before I move up there and hopefully get a job!

I thought I'd create this blog to keep people updated on my life, seeing as I'll be away from pretty much everyone I know when I move to Leeds. That's a scary thought ...

Anyway, I have very little to say right now, cos I've done next to nothing since leaving uni. Oh apart from making spring vegetable risotto, which I'm very proud of. For somebody who can't cook, that's a big achievement!

Well, I'll stop boring you guys. I'm sure something exciting will happen to me soon, and then I'll tell you all about it. Promise.

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